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Don’t Box In Your IT Support

In many situations in life, we rely on the advice of professional experts for important reality checks. Think about the last time you had to hear some tough love from your doctor or from an auto mechanic. Sure, we sometimes don’t like to hear that we’ve been doing something wrong...
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Don’t Fall for Phone Scams

A recent event made me all too aware of how susceptible people can be to phone scams — and how easily they can be prevented if the receiver of the call knows how to respond. Phone scams can be carried out by master manipulators who know the right persuasion and...
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How bandwidth impacts your business

The type of bandwidth that’s right for your business is contingent on many factors. How many employees do you have? What types of software do they use? A company that processes a great deal of information will probably require more bandwidth than one that interacts with smaller files. When it...
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Information Technology Is Critical To Business Management

Technology and business have a symbiotic relationship. As tech innovates, new businesses come into being. As these new businesses emerge, tech makes doing business easier. In fact, technology is indispensable to business. Today, most business transactions couldn’t be conducted without technology. Over time, technology has caused an explosion in commerce....
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Five Ways Technology Impacts Business Today

There should be little doubt in anyone’s mind that technology profoundly impacts our daily lives. We use it extensively for work and play. Businesses rely on technology to thrive and though there are much to be said for the upside of technology, there are pitfalls as well.  #1 Videochat Communication...
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Who Has Your IT Support Team’s Loyalty?

With so many options out there to meet the many needs a small business has, many technology solutions providers such as hardware, email, CRM, and others have created programs to incentivize IT support providers to recommend them. These “partner programs” offer significant compensation to IT support companies like BL Technical...
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