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The Downside of Technology for Small Businesses

Clearly, we love technology. It’s what we do. But more importantly, technology is what makes it possible for so many owners to run their businesses.  With the invention of email, small business owners were able to communicate faster and more efficiently.  The invention of video conferencing is responsible for hundreds...
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What to Know About Russian Cyberattacks

One unsettling reality most Americans need to consider is the threat of a cyberattack from Russia on any U.S. software or computer systems. Although the acts of war that Russia is currently waging on Ukraine might feel surreal and distant to anyone watching from their television in the United States,...
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Why You Need a Google Business Profile

Think of Google Business Profiles as the new phonebook, the place where your business absolutely must be listed if you’re going to attract customers in your local area and continue to build your presence. Without a Google Business Profile, your business loses a huge amount of visibility in the online...
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What to Do If Your Device is Stolen

When your device gets stolen, it can feel like a sudden crisis. Nobody wants to be in a situation where they’re walking about their day and reach for their bag to pull out their laptop, phone, or tablet only to discover that their device is nowhere to be found. All...
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Apps For Everyday Use

We live in a world where our entire lives are ruled by the apps we use every day. They’re how we organize our lives, keep in touch with one another, entertain ourselves, and so much more. We have mobile apps on our phones and desktop apps on our computers. We...
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Tech Trends You Can Expect to See in 2022

Every year, it seems as if technology makes greater and greater strides toward simplifying our lives (or making it more complicated, depending on your perspective). As we’re all planning for a successful 2022, it’s worth taking a look at what tech trends we can expect to see in the year...
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