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Elevate Business Efficiency with Seamless Help Desk Support

Every modern business hinges on technology. When issues arise, they can derail your team’s productivity. Chronic issues left unaddressed makes for a stressful workplace. At BL Technical, we understand the how important reliable help desk support services are. Our Help Desk Support team resolve challenges quickly, ensuring your business remains on track. With skilled professionals on standby, we’re committed to providing solutions when you need them most.

Companies without Help Desk Support Services from BL Technical

  • Software Glitches: Unexpected errors, application crashes, or issues with software updates can hinder productivity. Help Desk support ensures timely resolution, minimizing work disruption.
  • Hardware Troubles: From printer malfunctions to unresponsive devices, hardware issues can bring tasks to a halt. With Help Desk assistance, users can pinpoint and address the root of these problems swiftly.
  • Connectivity Concerns: Whether it’s trouble connecting to the company network, VPN difficulties, or issues accessing cloud services, connectivity problems can be particularly frustrating. A Help Desk offers guidance and solutions to restore connectivity and maintain seamless operations.

Case Study: Real Estate Agency

Background: A leading real estate agency in Maryland, deals with a high volume of property listings. They get constant client communications, and have an intricate listings databases. Their business success depends on the seamless functioning of their IT infrastructure.

The Challenge: The agency began encountering slow computers, email communication issues, and sporadic network crashes. Each of these instances meant delays, frustrated employees, and unhappy clients.

The Turning Point: During a critical property auction, the agency’s system faced a significant crash. Hours of preparation went down the drain, leading to financial loss and a hit to the agency’s reputation. Recognizing the urgent need for consistent IT support, they sought out BL Technical’s Help Desk solutions.

How We Helped This Real Estate Agency Solve Their Issues with FundamentalCare™

  • Dedicated Support Line: A direct line was established, connecting their company to our Help Desk team for immediate help.
  • Problem Triage: Issues were categorized based on severity and urgency. Critical problems received instant attention. Minor glitches were scheduled for resolution.
  • Remote Access Solutions: Our technicians utilized remote access to directly address and rectify problems from our end, reducing wait times.
  • Regular IT Check-ins: To prevent recurring problems, BL Technical initiated periodic IT health check-ins. This allowed us addressing potential hitches before they manifested.
  • Employee IT Education: Realizing that some issues stemmed from user errors, brief IT education sessions were organized. This equipped employees with basic troubleshooting skills and best practices.

Outcome: With proactive help desk support, the agency enjoyed smoother operations. Reduced downtime, and increased overall employee satisfaction improved productivity. They could now focus on what they did best, offering top-tier real estate solutions.

Solutions Covered Under Our FundamentalCare™ Plan

Managed IT

We manage all of your IT from top to bottom to ensure your tech works quickly, easily, and is always available to the staff that needs it.

IT Network Build Outs

Good network infrastructure is the key to more productivity. We will design, implement, and service a networking infrastructure that fits your company best.

Managed Network Security

Keep your internet up, your network resources available, and your VPN and remote tools safe and ready to be used at any time.

Cyber Security Solutions

Billions are lost to cyber security flaws every year. Monitoring, defense and end-to-end protection is included with FundamentalCare™.

Microsoft 365 Support

We help setup and maintain the entire Microsoft 365 suite of cloud and desktop based products including Exchange, Lync, Sharepoint, Office, and Teams.

Google Workspace Support

We will setup and maintain Google Workspace for your business and their suit of cloud based apps including Gmail, Business Suite, Drive, Meet, and Calendar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find some answers to questions we are asked about the services coming under our FundamentalCare™ and how we can help with Managed IT.

If It’s Critical, we are available around the clock.

Traditional IT support often operates on a “break-fix” model; they respond when something goes wrong. In contrast, BL Technical’s Managed IT Services adopt a proactive approach. We constantly monitor, manage, and maintain your IT infrastructure to preemptively identify and address potential issues. This not only reduces downtime but also ensures that your systems are always optimized for peak performance. Instead of waiting for problems to arise, we work tirelessly in the background to keep everything running smoothly.

Our team has a myriad of specialties.

Absolutely! Our team is well-versed with a wide array of software solutions common to many businesses. If you have a unique or industry-specific software, just let us know. We’ll ensure our team is equipped to assist you.

Our Remote Access Tools Are Secure

Safety is our top priority. When providing remote access solutions, we use stringent security protocols. This ensure your data’s integrity and confidentiality remains uncompromised.

We’re here to help.

Our commitment is to swift resolutions. In most instances, you’ll be connected to a technician almost immediately. For more complex issues, we prioritize based on urgency and impact, but always aim to resolve challenges in the shortest time possible.

While many issues can be resolved remotely, certain challenges require an on-site presence. In such cases, we coordinate timely visits to address and rectify problems in person.

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