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Navigating the intricate web of industry-specific small business IT solutions demands more than technical knowledge. It needs an intimate understanding of each sector’s operational nuances. With years of experience under our belt, the BL Technical team has honed our ability to discern and address these unique challenges. Our team not only brings technical expertise to the table. We also have an appreciation for the different workflows and client expectations inherent to each industry.

At BL Technical, our engagement with clients goes beyond IT support. We become an extension of your team, invested in your success. By collaborating closely with your business, we ensure that our solutions are always in alignment with your goals. It’s a partnership where we continually adapt, innovate, and evolve. You can be sure that as the industry landscape shifts, your business’s problems are made better with cutting-edge Small Business IT Solutions.

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Healthcare & Medicine

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Law Offices & Legal Services

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Manufacturers & Trades

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Auto Repair Shops

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Sales Agencies

Our Process

See how BL Technical helps our clients by providing Managed IT Services For Small Businesses.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

In the first step, our team meets with the client to understand their unique business needs, challenges, and objectives. This one-on-one discussion provides an opportunity to review the client’s existing IT setup. We seek to find out their goals, and identify immediate areas of concern or improvement. Than we make a plan to provide the best Small Business IT Solutions in the area.

Step 2: IT Assessment

Post-consultation, a deep dive into the client’s current IT landscape takes place. Using a combination of specialized tools and manual evaluations, we examines the health, security, and performance of the client’s IT assets. This thorough assessment uncovers vulnerabilities, inefficiencies, and potential areas for enhancement.

Step 4: Onboarding & Setup:

With the proposal approved, the onboarding process begins. In this phase we set up the client on the FundamentalCare™ platform. Our team will deploy software, integrate tools, configure settings, and establish security rules for your systems. We will do our best to ensure this process is seamless so your team can keep working.

Step 6: Continuous Monitoring & Support

With everything in place, we can transition to a proactive IT management stance. Employing a mix of automated tools and hands-on oversight, our team monitors the client’s IT infrastructure. This ensures optimal performance, quick issue resolution, and ongoing refinement of IT operations.

Step 3: Customized Proposal

After gaining an understanding of the client’s IT needs, we craft a tailored FundamentalCare™ proposal. This proposal aligns with the client’s business goals and addresses the gaps identified during the IT assessment. It serves as a roadmap, detailing the services and support the client will receive to optimize their IT operations.

Step 5: Employee Training

One of the most crucial aspects of successful IT support is employee training. Understanding how to use the tools and follow best practices for our new workflow is vital. We will train your team on the new software and security protocols. We offer documentation on how to best leverage the IT support available to them.

Step 7: Regular Feedback & Iteration

The journey with FundamentalCare™ is an evolving one. We remain in regular communication with the client. We reach out to gather feedback, provide updates, and make iterative improvements. This loop ensures that our Small Business IT Solutions aligns with the dynamic needs of the client’s business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find some answers to questions we are asked about the services coming under our FundamentalCare

A Managed Service Provider is a business that offers a complete information technology solution. These solutions combine unlimited IT support and proactive monitoring of IT infrastructure. BL Technical Services is proud to offer Managed IT Services for small businesses and medium-sized businesses as well. We service businesses in Baltimore and Central Maryland. We will customize services to meet your organization’s vision, helping you plan for the future while avoiding obstacles. We know you may not have expertise with IT support services, so let us manage your systems for you.

Our pricing is based on a flat-rate model, ensuring predictable monthly costs. We do this to control costs helping smaller companies afford Managed It Services for small businesses. This includes a comprehensive suite of IT support services we call FundamentalCare™, so you don’t face any unexpected IT bills.

Our onboarding process is smooth and efficient. We start with an IT assessment to understand your current infrastructure and needs. Then, we develop a transition plan to ensure minimal disruption to your operations. Our team will work closely with you every step of the way.

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