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Much of your business runs on specialized software. Microsoft 365 is a powerhouse tool, essential for day-to-day operations. We specialize in Microsoft 365 managed services. Our team provides businesses with the expertise needed to fully leverage this versatile suite. Our goal is to ensure that Microsoft 365 works flawlessly for you. Enhance your teams productivity and collaboration in your organization.

Microsoft 365’s range of applications offers immense potential for business efficiency and growth. However, managing it effectively can be challenging. Our managed services take the complexity out of using Microsoft 365. We handle everything from initial setup and customization to troubleshooting and regular updates.

Choosing BL Technical for your Microsoft 365 managed services means more than just technical support. It means partnering with experts who understand how to align this powerful tool with your business goals. We ensure that every feature and function of Microsoft 365 is tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Common Problems Without Microsoft 365 Managed Services

  • Configuration Overwhelm: Navigating the comprehensive set of tools in Microsoft 365.
  • Product Specificity: Customizing Microsoft 365 to fit specific business requirements.
  • Bad User Management: Managing user access and security settings effectively.
  • Out-Of-Date Software: Keeping up with regular updates and new features.
  • Software Troubleshooting Issues: Resolving technical issues quickly to maintain productivity.

Case Study: Shipping Fulfillment Company

Background: A rapidly growing shipping fulfillment company struggled to manage their Microsoft 365 environment efficiently.

The Challenge: They faced difficulties in customizing applications, managing user permissions, and ensuring data security, leading to reduced productivity.

The Turning Point: BL Technical’s Microsoft 365 managed services provided the expert assistance they needed.

How We Helped This Company Solve Their Issues with FundamentalCare™

  • 365 Suite Analysis: Conducted a thorough analysis of their Microsoft 365 usage to identify optimization opportunities.
  • Custom Workflow: Customized Microsoft 365 applications to better align with their workflows and business processes.
  • Security Overhaul: Implemented robust security measures, including user access controls and data protection strategies.
  • Ongoing Support: Provided ongoing support and training to help staff utilize Microsoft 365 to its full potential.
  • Ongoing Training & Updates: Ensured the firm stayed up-to-date with the latest Microsoft 365 updates and features.

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Solutions Covered Under Our FundamentalCare™ Plan

Help Desk Support

Don’t be left waiting on hold for a call center. Contact your dedicated account manager for support at all hours 7 days a week. Limitations Apply.

Telework & Hybrid Solutions

Working from home needs a technology supported plan to succeed. Have your team seamlessly work either inside or away from the office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find some answers to questions we are asked about the services coming under our FundamentalCare and how we can help as your IT Managed Services Provider.

Our services optimize your Microsoft 365 setup for peak performance, ensuring tools like Teams, Outlook, and SharePoint are perfectly aligned with your business processes.

Absolutely. We recognize that each business has unique security requirements. Our Managed Network Security services are customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Yes, we offer comprehensive training sessions to ensure your team is proficient in using Microsoft 365 applications effectively.

Security is a top priority. We implement and manage advanced security protocols within your Microsoft 365 suite to protect your data and communications.

Our expertise lies in customizing and maintaining Microsoft 365 to fit unique business needs. We provide custom solutions to our Microsoft 365 managed services clients regularly, with some limitations.

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