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Why Your Company Needs a CRM

Imagine the days before computers! Back in the days of paper and print, businesses had to do a lot more work if they were going to keep track of all their clients. They kept contact information in phone books or Rolodexes; they kept appointments in datebooks or calendars; they tracked...
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Video Conferencing Concerns

Although it’s never really possible to make a blanket prediction that represents all businesses, it’s pretty safe to say that video conferencing seems like it’s here to stay. Even before the COVID pandemic hit, more and more businesses were realizing how convenient video conferencing was and the way it was...
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WiFi is Not a Service

Have you ever made the mistake of referring to your internet service as your WiFi service? Maybe it’s something you regularly do without even realizing it’s a misconception — after all, so many people think of WiFi as a service. But it’s not. In fact, WiFi is a function of...
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Operating a Virtual Office

Operating a virtual office became a necessity and a reality for countless businesses in 2020, and some professionals found the change worked better than others did. While a few companies struggled to make their remote operations work as well as they would have liked, others found that they were pleasantly...
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Delay Your Outbound Email

Have you ever had that moment when you sent an email only to realize within seconds you had made a mistake or forgotten to include an attachment.  Sometimes you just need a little grace.  Outlook gives you that.  By creating a rule regarding email, you can have Outlook delay your...
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