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When to Move to Windows 8

It seems like every time Microsoft produces a new release of Windows, there’s so much resentment towards moving to it and lots of appreciation of how the previous version served so well. I think the release of Windows 7 was a lot less heated because it really didn’t change much...
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What is the Cloud?

Recently there has been lots of interest in “the cloud.” There are lots of companies pushing these services, ads in magazines, on TV, and radio, and lots of related products branding themselves as “cloud ready.” All of this advertising comes without a solid explanation of what the cloud is. Simply...
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Office365 Exchange Online or Google Apps Gmail?

Many organizations recognize the value that Microsoft Exchange Server has brought to their operation. Over the past couple of decades, its central store for email, calendar, and contact information have been vital to companies of all sizes. Having all of your computers, mobile devices, and easy web access to your...
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Internet for My Business

Pretty frequently, we are involved in setting up new internet connections for our clients. Part of the process is always which service provider do I use? Well, the biggest factor in that decision is always going to be availability. Aside from the traditional enterprise-grade services such as T1’s, fiber Ethernet,...
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