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Making the right decision is always important.

Making the wrong IT decisions can cost your company thousands of dollars to remedy. Getting expert advice from certified professionals is always a good first step. BL Technical’s certified network engineers can assist in any point of planning your IT project. Whether it’s choosing the right solution, implementing a major addition to your network, transitioning from one solution to another, or installing a major upgrade of an existing solution, with our advice, you’ll have it done right, and with the least amount of downtime.
Network Infrastructure

Major changes to your network can be disastrous. Proper planning is important to prevent severe network outages. Mistakes in modifying your DNS, DHCP, routing and other infrastructure components can lead to significant network outages. These can be as minor as a few computers being disconnected to as massive as a complete network outage. BL Technical’s network engineers are experts in all of the network infrastructure services. Whether you’re adding a branch office or replacing a router, you should get the expert advice to do it right, with as little downtime possible.

Microsoft Windows Servers

Making a mistake in the initial configuration of your Windows Servers can have long lasting effects. Proper hardware and configuration are key to keeping your servers running smoothly, with minimal down-time, and low maintenance. When planning to deploy a new server, whether for network infrastructure, email, fax, database, or file services, you should always get the advice of a certified network engineer.

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Our business heavily relies on our computer system to support our electronic medical records, digital x-ray and ultrasound systems, as well as our in house blood chemistry analyzers. It is BL Technical’s excellent customer service, quick response times, and effective communication with our office that allow us to recommend them without reservation to anyone needing IT services of any type.

Christine Calvert, Calvert Veterinary Center