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Five Ways Technology Impacts Business Today

There should be little doubt in anyone’s mind that technology profoundly impacts our daily lives. We use it extensively for work and play.

Businesses rely on technology to thrive and though there are much to be said for the upside of technology, there are pitfalls as well. 

#1 Videochat Communication

Although there are a number of video-call platforms in the marketplace, Zoom has emerged as the undisputed leader since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

Video-call platforms are transforming business as we daily spend hours on the platform working and learning. Participating in video chat requires learning new forms of etiquette in order not to offend others or embarrass ourselves.

Dramatically increased videochat is generating a phenomenon known as “Zoom fatigue” in which participants feel drained by the demands of excessive screen time. This is particularly true for adults who work long days on Zoom.

Is Zoom the correct video-chat platform for your business? An IT service for business can help your organization find the most appropriate video-chat format.

#2 Working Remotely

Like video-chat communication, remote work had been occurring for years. However, the pandemic has fueled an explosion in the phenomenon.

A key challenge many businesses is assisting employees with information-technology support from a remote location.

Businesses who allowed their employees to work remotely prior to the pandemic got a jump on the proceedings.

But successful businesses have been able to pivot and create a whole new work environment for their employees. By permitting employees to work remotely and embracing cloud technology, these companies were better able to roll with the changes.

Some employees and some companies say they’ll never go back. But there are pitfalls to working from home.  One that we see most often is employees using their work computers for personal purposes. Here’s why this is a real no-no.

#3 Less Privacy, More Threats

People are spending more and more time online.

The impact of the pandemic has made this truer than ever.

But spending time online makes businesses vulnerable. Wherever we go, we leave digital footprints for hackers and scammers to take advantage of.

Certain technological advancements have improved the prospects for online safety. The first is a password manager which can protect existing passwords and even search the web to ensure these have not been compromised.

Second, anti-virus software continues to provide excellent protection from ransomware and malware, which is designed to extract money from a full range of victims: individuals, businesses and local governments.

Finally, should such a cyberattack occur, IT disaster recovery services can help victims recover their data and prevent future attacks.

#4 Increased Productivity?

When used effectively, technology can enable users to boost productivity and save time.

But technology can also be a distraction. Every business manager who has witnessed low adoption rates for tech products or extended down time resulting from a server crash understands this.

Technology can render us highly effective but it can also send us down a rabbit hole.

In particular, small businesses can benefit from outsourced IT support which avoids employees having to resolve issues and puts everyone back to work quickly.

#5 Social Media as Touchpoint

The confusing swirl of social media is impacting businesses every day.

During the quarantine, social media has enabled our teams to stay in touch. Many businesses are using it to create a new sense of culture in this remote world.

But increasingly, consumers are becoming aware of the dark side of social media. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated it is having negative effects on people’s mental health.

Social media has also become a go-to touchpoint for businesses communicating with their customers. It is a ready-made way to build loyal fans and directly communicate business benefits that might otherwise go overlooked.

However, the format of social media also allows customers to air complaints openly. Online reviews can be a particularly vulnerable spot for companies. Just as any business needs around-the-clock technical support for IT, it also needs constant monitoring and response to its social media.

It is important to understand how social media is affecting your business, your customer service and your team’s culture.  What ways have your found technology changing your team?  Where do you find your business most vulnerable?  How could you use an outsourced IT company to make your business more efficient? Give us a call to discuss the ways we can help you.

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