Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention in Annapolis & the Baltimore Area

Keep Your Data Safe With BL Technical Services’ DLP Security

With data loss prevention (DLP) services from BL Technical Services in Annapolis and the Baltimore area, you can protect your business’s data. Not all threats to network security come from malicious actors. Just as often, a well-meaning user will cause harm due to human error. One of the most common forms of human error is inadvertently deleting or losing data. DLP security can protect you from that exact situation by stopping the removal of specific data while ensuring that it is routinely backed up in a secure location. You don’t have to live with the risk of losing crucial data. Learn more about our DLP services.

What Is Data Loss Prevention?

Essentially, data loss prevention is a system that prevents unauthorized access and removal of important data within your network. DLP security can protect data on a few different levels. First, it protects data while it is in use. Second, DLP secures data as it is moving throughout your system. Finally, it safeguards data as it is at rest within your file servers and databases. The way your data is protected is through content inspection. Content inspection tracks data on your network. It will look to see if the data is in the proper location and used for its intended purpose. This allows the DLP tools to stop accidents before they happen.

Why Your Business Needs a DLP System

Data loss prevention offers several benefits. One is sleeping better, knowing that your data is safe from intentional and accidental breaches. For many businesses, protecting your data is a matter of legal compliance. Laws like HIPPA make companies responsible for keeping track of the data within their system. Even worse, lost data can leave your business vulnerable to costly litigation. People often take civil action when they learn they have been involved in a data breach. On top of all of this, lost data can negatively impact the reputation of your business. Harm to your reputation is often the most difficult damage to remedy.

Types of Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention comes in three different forms. Each form has its advantages and disadvantages. Some companies choose to use a combination of all three, while others feel secure with just a single form of DLP. All forms of data loss prevention protect your data in different ways and at different places within your network. Businesses need to understand each type so they can select the one that is most appropriate for them. The types of DLP security are:

  • Network DLP – Some forms of data loss prevention protect data while it is moving around your network. For instance, network DLP could notice if a user tries to send an email with sensitive data. Then, the DLP system would take safety measures like encrypting the data, blocking the email, or notifying the administrator.
  • Endpoint DLP – This type of protection is installed on each individual device and secures data where it is located on that device. It can detect whether or not the information is in the right place or identify improperly encrypted data.
  • Cloud DLP – With the emergence of cloud storage, cloud DLP has become essential. This integrates with cloud storage applications like Office 365 or Google’s G Suite and protects the data while it is in the cloud.

Get DLP Services From a Team of Experts

If your business relies on data within your network, it is important to protect that information to the best of your ability. BL Technical Services’ data loss prevention tools can help you do that. We have expert DLP specialists that will help you pick the right type of DLP, set it up, and manage it over time. When you choose us for your DLP security services, you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe from intentional or accidental breaches. To start protecting your data, fill out our data loss prevention contact form here or call us directly.