Their Approach VS. Our Approach

Their Approach

The typical IT service company model is that of groups:

  • There’s a “Level 1” group that addresses isolated, single-user issues such as virus infections, technical training, password resets, and printing issues among other things.
  • There’s a “Level 2” group that handles the larger issues, such as network outages, wide-spread virus infections, and server issues.
  • Finally, there is a management team who is responsible for overseeing both of these groups. When there is an issue, the client usually has to go through the chain of command to get their problems solved.

The problem with this approach is that it’s backwards. Instead of getting the most capable person to correct the problem, the customer has to start with the least capable, then work their way up the chain until they get someone capable enough to correct the problem. This creates a longer wait time for the user, less productivity, and ultimately less revenue.

Our Approach

When you partner with BL Technical Services, we assign you a senior engineer that you contact with all of your needs. Your engineer will either handle your issue directly, or assign it to someone that they know is capable of addressing it.

This saves you time and hassle in getting your technical issues addressed.

Additionally, your engineer is always up to date on your computer network, allowing for an even more efficient technical support. You get the benefits of having an IT employee at only a fraction of the cost.

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