Testimonial from Insurance Buyers’ Council

BL Technical Services has managed several recent transitions for our company including re-establishing on-site servers from a hosted co-location site, replacement of all desktops and implementing an alternative remote desktop solution.  While we were daunted by the prospects of such major changes, this firm made it look easy. Even the failure on a Saturday of new server hardware we provided them, did not stop the server project. They simply found a better server at a lower cost to employ as our domain controller. The network was up and running the next day. Needless to say we follow their hardware recommendations now.

While it has been our experience with other IT professionals that once the big projects are done so too is high level of service. This is definitely not the case with BL Technical. Through a combination of best practices, common sense and patience with end users, each issue that comes up has an expedient solution. Feedback from users is universally positive, a first for our firm. Regarding maintenance needed to ensure system uptime, it’s been refreshing to receive proactive rather than reactive service that deals with issues before they become a distraction or interruption. Multiple levels of redundancy for data protection both on and off site have been established for peace of mind. They have been more than willing to work in the gray areas where the issue may arise from one or more providers or software to get things fixed. All of this comes with the least amount of time and effort on my part, letting me focus on our clients.

In a nutshell, BL Technical has been a cost effective solution to our IT needs.

Scott Agar, Insurance Buyers’ Council