Testimonial from Calvert Veterinary Center

BL Technical Services has serviced the IT needs of our busy hi tech veterinary center since May 2011.  During this time they have handled many hardware and software tasks including setting up new computers, installing back-up systems for data protection, preventative maintenance and monitoring our network. What really impressed me was their ability to convert our server from a virtual server which was set up by a previous IT company to a standard server configuration which was more compatible with our practice management software. Several other companies told us it could not be done, but they made it happen. They see each job as a challenge and will not stop until they have found a proper solution to the problem.

Providing sound advice for preventative maintenance as well as cost effective solutions for any of our IT needs are BL Technical’s goals. Our business heavily relies on our computer system to support our electronic medical records, digital x-ray and ultrasound systems, as well as our in house blood chemistry analyzers. Without these instruments and access to our electronic medical files, our business comes to a screeching halt. It is BL Technical’s excellent customer service, quick response times, and effective communication with our office that allow us to recommend them without reservation to anyone needing IT services of any type.

Christine Calvert, DVM, Calvert Veterinary Center