Teleworking FAQs

Teleworking Service for Workplaces in Burnie & Annapolis, MD

With teleworking services by BL Technical, we can ensure that your business is prepared for anything. As the workforce continues to evolve, it’s crucial that you have the flexibility to pivot and meet the growing needs of your employees as a business owner. Teleworking not only allows you to have a flexible workforce that can work from anywhere, but it also helps to save money by eliminating the need for expensive office space. At BL Technical, we provide comprehensive teleworking solutions for business owners throughout Burnie and Annapolis, MD. Our knowledgeable IT professionals can guide you through the process of teleworking to help improve employee satisfaction and reduce overhead expenses. Contact us today to get started.

What Is Teleworking?

Over the last year, the idea of teleworking (or remote working) has become increasingly more common, especially in the service industry. Teleworking is an arrangement between the employer and employee to work outside of a physical office location, either permanently or on a set schedule. Your employees are able to communicate with the rest of their team via telephone, email, or online chat. As an employer, it’s essential that you ensure your employees have the necessary hardware and software to carry out their responsibilities while working from home. Let the experts at BL Technical assist in helping your business becoming a leader in teleworking.

What Does My Business Need for Teleworking?

Each business is different and requires different hardware and software to ensure their employees are successful when it comes to telecommuting. Luckily, our team is available to assist you throughout the entire process. We can help you identify the type of equipment you’ll need as well as ensure your employees are safely using the internet while at home to avoid any accidental or intentional data breaches. Our complete list of services include:

  • VPN Setup – A virtual private network is essential for employees that routinely use Wi-Fi to access the internet. With a VPN, you can ensure the information your employees are accessing isn’t being intercepted by cyber-criminals looking to exploit weaknesses in your digital defense.
  • Remote Desktop – When your employee is having an issue with their computer, but there is no means to get it fixed, a remote desktop allows users to connect to a specific computer from another location and access all of its files and data. Similarly, this will assist your IT specialist in troubleshooting issues with your remote employees’ computers.
  • Cloud ServicesCloud services allow everyone on the same network to share and access files seamlessly, which is necessary if you have a remote workforce. Some of the most common cloud services include G-Suite by Google and Office 365.
  • And More – At BL Technical, we offer complete teleworking solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, including paperless documentation, cloud telephone services, and video conferencing.

What Are the Benefits of Teleworking?

There are a number of benefits when allowing your workforce to work from home. One of the most notable benefits includes the reduced overhead expense of renting or leasing an office space. For many small and medium-sized businesses, this is one of their most significant expenditures. By offering to telecommute, you won’t have to worry about upgrading your space or moving to a new location as your business continues to grow. Employees also consider teleworking a significant benefit for many reasons, including:

  • Eliminates Commute Times
  • Reduces Child Care Needs
  • Best Talent Anywhere In the World
  • Higher Employee Satisfaction
  • Better Work-Life Balance

Choose BL Technical to Prepare Your Business for Teleworking

To handle an evolving workplace, you need an IT support company that stays updated on the latest trends. Our knowledgeable and experienced specialists have the proper training and licenses to ensure that you can meet your business’s goals if you choose a remote workforce. We’ll assign a dedicated project specialist to your company familiar with your business to ensure a smooth transition from in-office to remote work. We can also assist when onboarding new employees when you’re hiring. Contact our team today to get started.