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Your workforce needs to continue working even if they’re unable to get to the office. Many teleworking technologies will allow you to seamlessly work either inside or away from the office. Taking advantage of these available technologies allows you to reduce the need for office space, continue working when staff is unable to commute to the office, increase job satisfaction with the additional flexibility, and allow for a rapid response to critical events by having the necessary resources where your workforce already is, rather than having to travel to the office. Having a telework infrastructure in place is a critical resource in an unpredictable world.

The experts at BL Technical Services can help your organization with technologies such as VPN, Remote Desktop, cloud services such as Office 365 and G-Suite by Google, video conferencing, cloud telephone services, paperless documentation, and many other business continuity solutions. Whether your business needs to have a contingency plan during a disaster or is positioning itself to have a work from anywhere workforce, BL Technical Services can guide you through the hurdles in getting there, maintain the systems, and provide your staff the technical support they need to be successful.

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BL Technical provides strategic guidance for our hardware and software needs including configuring new computers, preventive maintenance, monitoring our network and continue to make sound recommendations to our management and staff as our needs grow and evolve.

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