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Office365 Exchange Online or Google Apps Gmail?

Many organizations recognize the value that Microsoft Exchange Server has brought to their operation. Over the past couple of decades, its central store for email, calendar, and contact information have been vital to companies of all sizes. Having all of your computers, mobile devices, and easy web access to your email, calendar, and contacts has…

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Windows Server Essentials: Is It Right for My Organization?

Windows Server Essentials is the relatively new line of server software from Microsoft. Compared with its standard edition counterparts, Windows Sever 2012 Standard vs. Windows Server 2012 Essentials 2012, it offers a simplified licensing scheme, built-in integration with Office 365 hosted services, and included solutions for easy remote computer and file access. It offers a simplified…

Your Free Email Address Says More Than You Think

What type of email address do you use for your business? Is it a free aol.com, gmail.com or yahoo.com one? Is it with your internet provider, comcast.net or verizon.net? Whether we’d like to admit it, having this type of email address for your business hurts your credibility. If you’ve ever gotten a business card without…

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