Server Support

IT Services in Maryland

Professional IT Support for Your Computer Server

BL Technical Services provides our clients with a wide variety of IT services in Maryland, including consulting, network support, cloud services, and server support. Your business’s server storage and access are essential to safely keep data ready to view and use whenever you need it from an authorized device or network. You might access your files using security measures like usernames, passwords, and other identifying tools, and it needs to be available at any time, day or night. Our managed IT services ensure you can automate your processes and access valuable data by implementing the necessary solutions to keep your servers running optimally and connected to your staff and computer network. We have a highly skilled staff trained to manage servers, and we routinely perform this service for clients throughout the state. Let us provide the IT support solutions you need to manage your server.

Equipment We Recommend for Efficient Server Use

Purchasing, administering, and housing a server come with many technical details to consider that your company might not be fluent in understanding. BL Technical Services has a team of well-trained and knowledgeable IT experts ready to help you with your selection. We offer multiple IT solutions regarding buying and using a server for your professional data and process automation needs:

  • You can choose and purchase your own server with our professional guidance, administer it in-house, and house the unit in our server room.
  • Another choice is to consult with our IT experts on choosing and purchasing a server, and we will house and administer it for you.
  • If you would like to streamline the entire process, we can consult you on the right server for your business, purchase it, administer it, and house the unit in our server room. With this last option, you may be able to use a virtual server to run your application, saving energy by sharing your hardware with multiple applications.

Our IT Services Include Maintenance & Security

The staff at BL Technical Services keeps our clients’ servers patched and up to date using regular maintenance processes. Regular maintenance is an essential activity to prevent a server from developing issues like a slow response, service failure, and security holes. We take your server’s condition and performance seriously and stay on top of patches and updating. Another crucial element to managing servers is ensuring security. If you are storing data on a server, those under protection by state and federal statutes, such as FERPA and HIPAA, require the highest security. You may need a firewall or specialized software to scan your unit to protect your data and prevent problems like unauthorized access and file corruption. We regularly scan all servers for vulnerabilities and patch them quickly. Server security requirements are getting increasingly strict, so you need the necessary technical expertise to keep your server secure if you intend to administer it. We can simplify this task by doing it for you.

Server Backup Solutions for Your Data

BL Technical Services ensures you always have dependable access to your data, as well as backup solutions for many server types. You get the reliability of multiple redundancy levels to protect data on your server if a hardware failure occurs. Our state-of-the-art backup system performs data backups as frequently as hourly so that your server is up to date with any changes or new files you upload. We use a separate devices in several locations to back up data, ensuring its security if a disaster occurs.

Trust Our IT Experts with Your Maryland Server Needs

Entrusting your server support needs to the professionals at BL Technical Services gives you access to various benefits. Our data storage, backup, and administration services ensure your data is safe and easily accessible to authorized users. We offer enhanced security options to protect your data from viruses and other malware, as well as unauthorized access. You can save on our managed IT service costs as we customize your service plan to the services you need. We also provide around-the-clock technical support to answer your questions and troubleshoot issues if they occur. If you have any questions about our server support or wish to enlist our services, contact us today to speak with a staff member.