IT Support for Sales Agencies & Manufacturer Reps

Computers are an integral tool for every employee of a sales agency.

The typical agency constantly uses the web, email, Microsoft Office, and CRM applications to operate. Without their computers, the sales people would not be able to find client contact information, produce accurate quotes, or even get important email communication. Needless to say, without their computers, employees at a sales agency cannot work.

BL Technical Services understands the needs of sales agencies. For our new clients, we perform an exhaustive network assessment to become familiar with everything in use on the network. With this knowledge, we are able to efficiently maintain your computer network with minimal downtime. Computer downtime equals lost revenue.

You and your employees have better things to do than worry about your computers, servers, and network equipment. Partner with BL Technical Services to have an expert manage your network, so you can focus on providing expert sales skills to your clients and prospects.

We’ll keep your computers running so you can keep selling.

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