IT Support FAQs

IT Support Company In Glen Burnie & Annapolis

When small and medium-sized businesses in Glen Burnie & Annapolis need reliable IT support for their employees, they choose BL Technical. As one of the premier IT support companies in the area, our customers receive peace of mind that comes with accessing a dedicated and experienced IT specialist who is just a phone call away. Our senior-level members are Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, which allows them to handle most major computer and network issues within your company. Whether you only have a single employee or a team of specialists that need IT support, you can always count on us. We even provide emergency IT support services and can be on-site to handle any issues you may be experiencing within one hour. If you have any issues with your computer or network, contact us today or browse our FAQs for answers to common problems.

Common IT Support Issues

Our team is available to handle many of the common hardware and software issues your workforce may face throughout their day. From simple computer “crashes” to more complex cases, you can always turn to BL Technical. We will work with you to quickly diagnose the issue and solve it so your employees experience less interruption to their day.

  • Why Won’t My Computer Turn On? – There are several reasons that your computer isn’t turning on. The most common issue is generally with the outlet or surge protector that your laptop is plugged into. Ensure that there isn’t a tripped breaker. Some surge protectors have a circuit breaker feature. You may also want to check the power button on the back of your desktop. If you continue to have issues, it could be a hardware issue.
  • My computer Crashed. What Happened? – Computer crashes happen occasionally and may cause your employee to lose their work. Fortunately, there isn’t normally a negative long-term impact on your computer. Computers are complex, and sometimes when too much information is being processed, it can overwhelm your system. Try turning on your computer and ensure that it is operating correctly. If your computer crashes often, there may be a serious issue.
  • Why Can’t I Save My Work? – Computers have a finite amount of space available. If your job requires you to save lots of programs and files, or your computer is out of date, you may not have the space needed to save new projects. We can assist in deleting old and unused files to free up space.
  • My Computer Froze, What Should I Do? – If your computer or an application you are using freezes, simply hold down “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “Delete” at the same time. This will bring up a menu with the “Task Manager” option. You can use the Task Manager to close any frozen programs. If you’re unable to open the Task Manager, you can turn off your computer by pressing the power button.
  • Why Do the Programs on My Computer Screen Seem too big? – If you’ve recently changed monitors, the reason your applications look too big or too small is because of the resolution. You can change the resolution of your screen. You change the resolution of your Windows computer, click on the start icon on the bottom right, and type “Resolution.” Click on the query results and change the resolution until the programs fit comfortably on the screen.
  • Why Doesn’t My Mouse Work Correctly? – Most professionals use a work mouse that uses an optical tracker on the bottom. If your mouse isn’t working correctly, it can be due to dirt and dust buildup inhibiting the optical tracker. Take a Q-tip and remove any excess debris from around the tracker.
  • Why Won’t My Monitor Turn On – If your monitor won’t turn on, but your desktop is on, chances are you have a loose cable. Most monitors require their own power cable, so ensure that the power cord is plugged in. If it’s plugged in properly and you’re still not getting any images, ensure that the connection between the computer and monitor is secure.

IT Solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Business

When you choose BL Technical for your business’s IT support, you can always rely on us to answer any questions you may have. Our licensed and experienced support specialists have years of experience handling minor and complex IT support issues your workforce may experience throughout their day-to-day operation. Contact our team today to learn more about our IT support solutions.