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With so many options, and so many people pushing different solutions, it becomes difficult for a busy management team to select the proper solutions for the organization. That’s where BL Technical Services can help. BL Technical Services’ IT consultants are well versed in everything cloud. We encounter organizations that have selected poor solutions, from those ranging from not most beneficial to the organization, to those that are so poorly maintained it causes a dramatic loss in productivity. Making the wrong decision in selecting cloud services can be costly. Work with us to make sure you make the right choices.
Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of services that have been prevalent in businesses, both large and small, for decades. All of these services are now offered as an affordable monthly or annual subscription rather than requiring a substantial up-front investment for software licenses and the servers to host them. Microsoft Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, and other Microsoft server solutions are all available to meet your email, instant messaging, and file sharing needs either individually or in bundles offering additional savings over individual subscriptions. For charitable organizations, Microsoft donates many of these services free of charge.

G-Suite (formerly Google Apps for Business)

Google Apps is a suite of web-based services and apps that take the free Google services that are available to the public, and add the necessary features for them to be used in business. Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and others all with finer controls and organizational oversight. Just like Office 365, Google donates this service for no charge to charitable organizations.

Amazon Web Services

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a platform for fully customized cloud solutions. Ideal for implementations that require the finest of controls and customizations. Applications and services that are designed to run on Windows Server or Linux can be run securely in the cloud on AWS.

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What is the Cloud?

Recently there has been lots of interest in “the cloud.” There are many companies pushing these services, ads in magazines, on TV, and radio, and lots of related products branding themselves as “cloud ready.” But what is “the cloud” and should you jump on the bandwagon? Learn about cloud computing.