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How bandwidth impacts your business


The type of bandwidth that’s right for your business is contingent on many factors.

How many employees do you have? What types of software do they use? A company that processes a great deal of information will probably require more bandwidth than one that interacts with smaller files.

When it comes to considering the best bandwidth size for your company, it can be very beneficial to explore the business benefits of increased bandwidth. Sometimes paying more for greater bandwidth provides a substantial return on investment.

Increased bandwidth improves business collaboration

Smooth collaboration is essential to business success. The more readily your team can collaborate, the sooner your project will be completed in a satisfactory manner. Currently, there are a great number of collaboration tools in existence. Most of these collaboration tools require large bandwidth.

Ideally, if your company is using collaboration tools, you should have a fiber internet connection. This type of connection allows employees to use collaborative tools without experiencing delays.

Lesser bandwidth can diminish your business processes

Business processes—systems—are central to how well your company operates. The faster and more efficient your processes, the more clients you can serve with fewer employees.

As your company automates more tasks, it will need increased bandwidth to handle these processes. Insufficient bandwidth—like insufficient internet—will cause your business processes to achieve less than they could. Your business will suffer as a result.

Increased bandwidth can prevent your system from crashing

When your network becomes overloaded with requests, it slows down to accomplish each of its tasks in order. Eventually, an overloaded network will crash. Rebooting the system will cause your company lost productivity time.

Fiber internet can make your system more reliable by increasing bandwidth and enabling it to handle more requests.

A slow network makes it challenging for employees to do their jobs well. Slow networks cause employee frustration which can eventually lead to low morale and employee turnover.

Bandwidth impacts productivity

Too little bandwidth will negatively impact your company’s productivity.

Basic email and web surfing for most small businesses typically requires about 2 Mbps. However, if your company has a larger staff, you will require more data.

If employees in your company need to edit large files, or to download high-definition videos, they will likely need download speeds of 10 Mbps or higher.

More bandwidth gives your company room to grow

More and more, technology is central to business success. Increasing your company’s bandwidth right now will make adopting new technologies smoother.

No one can predict how technology will develop. But the trends point to more videos, collaboration tools, and software for conferencing. These types of tools require increased bandwidth.

If your company’s bandwidth is not meeting its needs, BL Technical can help determine how much might be appropriate to ensure your future success.

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