Firewall Security Management in Annapolis & the Greater Baltimore Area

As cybercrime becomes an ever-increasing problem, tools that stop outside sources of cyber threats from entering your network are crucial. That’s where a network firewall comes into play. A firewall is your business’s first line of defense against malicious actors trying to enter your network. Our firewall specialist can set up several different kinds of firewalls. The type of firewall your business needs depends on your network and the most likely threats to your particular business. This may seem like a lot to grasp, but our team will guide you through the entire process. Learn more about firewalls and why every business needs strong network firewall security.

What Is a Network Firewall?

A firewall prevents untrusted sources of data from entering your network. It acts like a security guard for your system. It checks each source of data trying to access your computer system and decides whether or not to grant access to that source. There are many different ways that firewalls filter data. Each form of filtering has its advantages and disadvantages. With an appropriately strong network firewall, most cyberattacks won’t be able to get into your network in the first place. Firewalls can come in the form of hardware, software, and a combination of the two. Don’t let your incoming and outgoing traffic go unregulated. Let our team help you set up the optimum firewall security for your business.

Why Your Business Needs a Firewall

Your business is vulnerable to many attacks from incoming data sources without a firewall. In the past, companies would set up a firewall and keep all of their data safely kept within it, rarely allowing any source to access it. That is not a realistic solution for most businesses any more. With the increased need for cloud computing, remote working, and other forms of information sharing, a single firewall solution is not as effective as it once was. This is why most businesses have moved to ongoing firewall management services like the ones we provide at BL Technical Services. When you have a team of IT specialists managing your firewall security, your system can continually change to meet the evolving state of cybersecurity.

Types of Network Firewall Security

There are several types of firewall security systems. Each of them has the same overall goal: to keep out dangerous forms of traffic that may enter your network. Which is best for you depends on your line of business and the needs of your users. Some forms of firewalls are more prone to false positives, while others are more prone to false negatives. A false positive is when the firewall blocks legitimate traffic, while a false negative is when the firewall fails to identify an attack. In general, the types of firewall security systems are:

  • Packet Filtering Firewall – This is the most basic form of a firewall. It will prevent traffic based on IP protocol, IP address, or port number.
  • Stateful Firewall – This form of firewall can track active connections and filter based on specific rules. For instance, a stateful firewall may allow packets into the network if they have already formed an outbound connection.
  • Deep Packet Inspection Firewall – Application firewalls, like this, can inspect the data within a packet that is entering your network. This can identify packets that contain potential attacks within them.
  • Application-Aware Firewall – Like deep packet inspection, application-aware firewalls can inspect data as it enters your system. However, it can also restrict specific things like applications or signatures.
  • Application Proxy Firewall – This form of firewall is specific to certain applications. The advantage is that application proxy firewalls can more thoroughly validate all requests since they focus on a single application.

Get IT Services That Will Protect Your Business

In today’s online ecosystem, every business needs a fully functioning firewall. Whether or not you have suffered from a cyberattack, you need to protect yourself and your business. Since the digital landscape is constantly changing, this is more complicated than simply installing firewall software or setting up hardware. You need a team that can continually manage the state and effectiveness of your firewall security. BL Technical Services is the ideal team for small-sized and medium-sized businesses. Don’t let your system go unprotected any longer than necessary. To start protecting your network, call us directly or fill out our firewall contact form here.

Get Professional Email Security Help Today

Protecting your business from email threats requires a robust and ongoing email security plan. If you don’t have anyone providing you with email security services, you may already have been subject to cyberattacks through your email, whether you know it or now. BL Technical Services provides a compressive program to prevent cyberattacks for small businesses. We can help reduce the instances of phishing, ransomware, and spoofing while helping you send sensitive information safely. To start securing your email system, fill out our email security contact form here or call us directly.