Disaster Recovery Services

Business IT Consulting in Maryland

Recover Your Data after a Disaster Strikes Your Business

BL Technical Services offers clients a wide array of business IT consulting services in Maryland. Disaster recovery is a critical service to ensure their companies don’t lose all their information. Nobody can foresee natural disasters and cyberattacks affecting their businesses. Fires, floods, and malware are destructive elements we all hope won’t strike us, but they do happen and ruin precious equipment and software. With our help, you have all your data and information safely backed up and ready to recover if any of these disasters impact your business. Investing in our disaster recovery services helps you avoid expenses and extensive downtime while you struggle to restore your digital resources. We also take steps to prevent this type of disaster from happening again with data backups and protective system planning. Our priority is providing exemplary IT services to small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and helping them run their companies optimally. A natural disaster or network security breach is always possible, but we can minimize their impact with our professional services.

Benefit from Our Expert Business IT Consulting Services

The BL Technical Services team comprises IT network engineers who share a dedication to serving businesses with IT consulting, support, telework solutions, and many other services. Our company works to ensure your business thrives with the most current managed IT services. This includes recovering from the fallout of a disaster like a flood, fire, or unauthorized network user uploading malware or destroying files. Our certifications and extensive training have honed our skills and expertise as computer network, server, cloud, and disaster recovery professionals. We are responsible for helping you understand your technology resources and how to use them to your company’s benefit. With disaster recovery, you can prevent complete data loss by backing up your information in our offsite disaster recovery environment. Your data will be managed regularly to keep it updated and secure, and we can provide your data to you after a disaster so that your business can pick up from where it was interrupted.

Planning for Disaster Recovery with Offsite Data Backups

Today, businesses of all sizes operate at some capacity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Downtime with your company’s computer system can cost you significant amounts of money and be difficult to work around. BL Technical Services can minimize the impact of downtime from a natural disaster or cyberattack with our disaster recovery services. Our solutions include offsite disaster recovery and managed data backup to ensure your information is never ultimately lost. If your application, internet service provider (ISP), or power fails, we offer real-time redundancy and site resiliency to increase your uptime. Regular backups are essential to your business’s success. With our regularly scheduled backups, you have access to the latest version of your information to perform quick recovery. We store your data offsite at multiple data centers, ensuring a disaster at your location does not affect your data’s security.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

Disaster recovery planning ensures you are ready to react when a fire, power outage, or another event compromises your system and data. BL Technical Services has ample experience working with clients to create their plans and prevent repeated occurrences. Business continuity planning is a subset of disaster recovery planning, in which you define your business requirements. We integrate your business requirements into a disaster recovery plan to address the necessary procedures to follow during and after data loss. Our prevention and recovery methods include quick system performance in the event of a disaster to protect your personal and assets. The best way to ensure a disaster recovery plan’s efficacy is to update and test it regularly. Staying up to date on your plan prevents your data protection methods and response strategies from becoming obsolete. Our IT services and solutions keep your recovery plan current and ready to operate quickly if any disaster type threatens your company.

Reinforce Systems Critical to Your Business Operations

Businesses depend on the most up-to-date IT services to keep their systems operating optimally and protected from various threats, both natural and human-made. Problems like hurricanes, power outages, and system and application failures can destroy your entire collection of data and set your business back. You may also lose money due to problems like extensive downtime and lost sales and profits. BL Technical Services helps you drastically reduce the effects of a natural disaster or cyberattack on your company with services like replicating your business-critical data, automatically recovering your protected virtual servers, and recovering critical workloads.

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Don’t let a disaster of any type erase your data and ruin your commercial operation. BL Technical Services is an IT solution company with disaster recovery plans tailored to your critical system needs. We strive to ensure all our clients have the services they require to protect their information and restore their systems after a disaster to minimize downtime and keep their companies running without permanent data loss. Contact us today to find out more about how we can create a disaster recovery plan that fits your business.