Capability Statements

BL Technical Services primarily provides full-scope “IT Department” services to small businesses and organizations.

These organizations do not have a constant requirement for IT support services, and find that our services are most economical for them. To that end, we provide end user technical support, consultation, maintenance and installation services for software, computers, servers, mobile devices, hosted services, and networking equipment that are likely to be in use at these organizations. We are able to completely meet the day-to-day and long-term technology support needs of these organizations. See a detailed listing of the products we support.

For Small Businesses

BL Technical Services is the only company you need to take care of all of your IT resources. We provide easy to access technical support for your staff by phone and by email. We maintain your computers, servers, and network infrastructure. The companies that partner with us to handle their IT resources no longer find themselves constantly dealing with computer viruses, email issues, backups, and other technology issues. Since they offloaded the responsibility for their IT resources to us, they are now able to focus on growing their business without being hindered by technology problems.

For Organizations Needing a Full-time IT Presence

Engage BL Technical Services to outsource, augment, or manage your IT department. With BL Technical Services as your IT department, you’ll have a full-time on-site IT presence without the hassles that are usually associated with an on-staff employee. When a BL Technical Services technician is assigned to your organization, you no longer have to be concerned with sick days, vacations, and finding alternative support. These technicians work hand-in-hand with our consulting staff to ensure you are never without the IT presence you need.

For Organizations with Branch Offices In Our Service Area

The staff of BL Technical Services is readily available to travel to all of central Maryland and Washington, DC. Based out of Glen Burnie, Maryland, we have easy access to all of the major highways in the area and can quickly respond to service needs at your area branch office. Engage BL Technical Services to fully maintain your branch office, or to be the on-site presence when needed.

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