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Who Has Your IT Support Team’s Loyalty?

With so many options out there to meet the many needs a small business has, many technology solutions providers such as hardware, email, CRM, and others have created programs to incentivize IT support providers to recommend them. These “partner programs” offer significant compensation to IT support companies like BL Technical...
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Filing in the Recycle Bin

Many of you are probably surprised that it’s not uncommon to find people using the recycle bin, or similarly named folder, to file important data. Luckily this practice is waning, but it seems that plenty of people still do it. Sending a file to the last step before being deleted...
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Why Hire An IT Company?

Every business has IT challenges and each has their way of solving them. Many struggle to get through the challenges because they don’t have a formal process for dealing with them while others operate much more smoothly since their staff has easy access to the support they need. The coronavirus...
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