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We live in a world where our entire lives are ruled by the apps we use every day. They’re how we organize our lives, keep in touch with one another, entertain ourselves, and so much more. We have mobile apps on our phones and desktop apps on our computers. We use them for work and for pleasure. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what life was like when we did not have technological efficiency available right at our fingertips for every purpose.

But then there are other times when the options for apps become overwhelming. How are we supposed to pare down our choice of apps to just the essentials? Admittedly, it’s tough. But here are 10 apps that will come in handy for just about everyone every single day — some of them you have probably heard of before whereas others might be a surprise to you. Once you give them a try, you’ll probably find yourself wondering how you were able to get through the day without them.


You know those times when you’re scrolling through social media or browsing your favorite news site and you find something that looks really interesting or really pertinent to your life, but you don’t have time to read it right then and there? But by the time you have 10 minutes to give the article your undivided attention, you’ve lost track of it? With Pocket, you can save all the articles and blog posts that you want to read later, and they’re all available in one spot.


Setting reminders can be such a hassle when you’re using common apps (like the Reminders app that comes preinstalled with your iPhone). MeMail makes it simple—you can send yourself reminders with only two taps and they show up in your inbox.


This is the simplest, no-frills project manager out there, whether you want to use it to manage your own daily tasks or tasks that an entire team is collaborating on. It’s easy to stay organized and keep all the information for each project in one place, but everyone who is assigned to a card gets notified when progress is made on it.


Keeping track of all your bills and when they’re due can be exhausting. Instead of flipping back and forth between different apps, Check lets you keep all of your bills in one place and notifies you when their due dates are coming up.


Think of Evernote as a digital version of the portfolio or folder you carry around in your briefcase. Everything you need to stash away for easy reference later can be saved in Evernote. It can be a place for keeping notes, photos, links, checklists, receipts, itineraries, and so much more. It’s all there in one place with only a click.


“I’ll reply to that later” are famous last words when it comes to emails. Fortunately, Boomerang makes sure you don’t forget. Once you’ve installed Boomerang and integrated it with your email app, Boomerang gives you a reminder when you go too long without replying to important emails. You can even customize it to remind you about emails after a specific period of time, whether that’s a day or a week.


If you’re a business owner, Gusto is your easiest and most straightforward option for tracking employee hours. People are able to clock into work on certain projects, so you can figure out what tasks or client accounts are consuming most of an employee’s time (and whether that time is better spent on other areas). Plus Gusto makes it super easy to pay via direct deposit to an employee’s bank account.


Square allows you to turn your smartphone into your own personal credit card reader. It’s great for salespeople who are frequently on the go with their product and making sales when they’re away from the cash register. No need to be a “cash or check only” entrepreneur when you’re using Square.


Just as Square allows you to migrate away from cash or checks when it comes to selling products, Venmo allows you to exchange money virtually with friends or family. Did somebody cover your lunch, but you don’t have the cash to pay them back? You can do it via Venmo. It eliminates the need to carry cash on you or to make frequent visits to the ATM.


Finally, what’s life without a good playlist to motivate you and help you push through the day? Spotify is the most prominent music streaming service for a good reason. It gives you access to thousands of song titles, lets you create and share playlists, and even introduces you to new artists based on the type of music you like.
Although some people might be intimidated by technology, our job is to make people realize it’s not as complicated as it seems—and that technology can serve to improve your life. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us by calling 410-504-1949.

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